The Kayana Creative Updated News: What’s new in social marketing this May?

There’s been a lot happening in May! Scroll down to download the full updated news and discover all of the updates digital marketers need to know about. Here’s a quick preview…

Reels are getting longer (and more insightful), TikTok’s tackling the haters and Snapchat is investing in social commerce.
There’s been a lot happening in May! Scroll down to download the updated news and discover all of the updates digital marketers need to know about. Here’s a quick preview…

Reels re-fresh
Instagram is testing the increase of Reels’ length to 60 seconds and ads in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia. The app is also finally offering us performance insights.

Facebook Live Shopping
Facebook is taking the next step in its evolving eCommerce push with the introduction of a new “Live Shopping Fridays” series.

Skinclusivity is trending
Influencers and brands are embracing breakouts, scars and texture in their content, reflecting the shifting tone of the beauty industry.

Snapchat shopping
The social platform says it will begin to open up the “shop” option to more marketers, after success with brands like Prada and Gucci.

Google’s first store
After years of resisting traditional retail, Google is opening up its first retail store in New York.

A ‘swipe up’ alternative?
During the ‘Instagram Insider’ Q&A section, Instagram hinted they were working on another link-out feature for users with less than 10k followers.

Shorts rolls out in the US
All YouTube users in the USA can now make Shorts and the platform has added a new Shorts tab to improve discoverability.

Gen Z’s travel plans
93% of Gen Zers are already planning future travel, according to a new report, and 32% said they want to visit a destination that is further away from home.

TikTok’s new hater filter
Creators can now bulk delete comments and block users, instead of having to moderate comments one-by-one.

New IG Story stickers
New IG Story stickers

Instagram posts from desktop
Instagram is currently testing a new feed posting option from the desktop version of the app.

Trendy Boomers
Those aged 50-64 actually use Facebook more than the age groups just above or below them, according to a new study.

Fight against misinformation
Facebook and TikTok are fighting to stop the spread of misinformation, with the help of a new Facebook feature and TikTok campaign.

Social health advice
43% of Gen Z and Millennials rely more on social media for health and wellbeing news now than they did before the pandemic, according to a new study.

New IG Story stickers
Instagram has released auto-caption stickers to improve accessibility. They’re also testing new ‘reshare’ and ‘thanks’ stickers.

The ‘best time to post’ is…
…when your audience is most active. According to a new report, that’s at midday on weekdays for almost every social platform.

Self care is changing
Group care formats and fostering a sense of community is what medical experts are now encouraging people to do, in order to emotionally heal from the pandemic.

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