Integrated Branding is the foremost professional approach for businesses in defining their position in the market through various channels, by exhibiting the company’s culture and values through the appropriate visual identity. To determine the brand values, it’s mandatory to gather the required info from the brand owner and targeted consumers.

However, such limited knowledge or lack of experience may restrict the capability to get creative. Therefore, some assistance or guide from a reputable creative agency is very much needed, to open up more possibilities that seem unthinkable.

Data collected and analyzed will then be processed into the construction of the fundamental element; a logo that represents the company, organization or individual as a signature to be applied any promotional materials in a unified form. An effective set of branding elements should consist of a suitable logo, typefaces, color schemes and graphic design, which provides a structural approach for all other media applications.

Kayana Creative as your trusted creative partner helps your business, not only by defining who and where you are, but also to provide assistance and consultancy in getting you through your brand’s expression and application in various media. We cater all different types of business, be it corporations, start-ups, products, personal branding or events.

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