In the vast realm of online business promotion, we stand ready to propel your enterprise into the spotlight it rightfully deserves.

Kayana Creative is your trusted partner for the orchestration, execution, and meticulous assessment of the efficacy of your digital advertising campaign. Allow us to shoulder the burdens of ideation, platform analysis, the artistry of content creation, strategic ad placements, and the fine-tuning of campaign performance.

With us at the helm, your business’s digital marketing voyage will be one of unwavering excellence and impactful outreach, leaving no stone unturned in the quest for online success.


Search Engine Optimization is the way marketers manage websites to be preferred by Google search engines and when someone types in certain keywords in the search bar, it is directed to managed Web appearing on the main page to the top of position on Google organically, ethically and naturally, how smooth for online promotion.

- Permanent Google ranking results
- Easy maintenance & low cost
- Definite increase in traffic
- Higher brand credibility
- Not instant
- Requires a long investment of time and energy
- Competitive keyword competition


Search Engine Marketing is a way of marketing online or internet marketing to campaigns on the internet by optimizing search engines, especially Google. Google is the number 1 search site in the world with more dominant users, around 85% compared to its competitors Yahoo and Bing. This marketing technique on search engines is very effective and very fast so that businesses can easily be quickly identified and directed with the right target market.

- Instant ranking
- Increase in targeted leads
- Increase brand awareness
- Pay per click

- Difficult tactics & strategies
- Recurring investment funds
- Complexity of managing campaigns


Kayana Creative is one of the leading Social Media Advertising agencies in Bali and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular.

We proudly look after the Social Media Advertising Accounts of well-known companies like Two Fat Monks Bali, The Sun Heaven Ubud, La Berceuse Resort & Villa Nusa Dua, Argya Santi Resort Jimbaran, etc

See our Social Media Marketing services.


Keep your leads and customers posted with your latest updates & promotion of your brand. With email marketing, You can personalize your content and offer for your customers. Have you included email marketing in your digital marketing campaign? Let us know if you need help with it!

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