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Businesses in the Food and Beverages industry, especially Cafes and Restaurants.

What is social media marketing for cafes and restaurants?

Social media has become a huge part of human life since the rapid growth of the internet. Marketing methods are now changing from the conventional way to utilizing social media. Our social media marketing for cafes and restaurants aims to help food and beverage business owners catch up and stay relevant with the new marketing trend, particularly to flourish their businesses even more.

Why Social Media Marketing for Cafes and Restaurants?

Social media is a great platform to introduce and promote your cafe and restaurant. The platform gave you unlimited chances to exhibit your brand identity. shows off your delectable food and beverages, and the place’s ambiance, and it engages more with audiences. 

What can we do for your cafe and restaurant’s social media marketing?

  • Increasing Brand Awareness by building your Social Media Profile Page.
  • Creating a content plan with the aim to increase brand awareness and engagement, and driving more sales. 
  • Interact with your followers and audiences.
  • Demographic retargeting for your ads.
  • Display your Cafe and Restaurant’s menus, offers, and experiences with curated photos, videos, and words.

In this package, you will get:

  • Social Media Handbook (Proposed Strategy and Design)
  • Instagram Highlight and Story template designs
  • Basic Monthly Social Media Reports 
  • Weekly feed posts, engaging stories design, weekly reels, and Copywiriting.
  • Monthly Basic Content Productions (Reels and Pictures).

Don't let your online presence be an afterthought.

Our Social Media Marketing Service can help you create a strong online presence and attract more
customers to your restaurant or cafe.
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Why Social Media?

Social media has a huge influence in our lives. Especially since Covid-19 in 2019, and in light of the COVID-19 pandemic that emerged in 2019. Social media platforms offer unprecedented opportunities to connect and communicate with others without the limitations of time and location. As entrepreneurs and business owners, failing to leverage the power of social media would represent a significant missed opportunity. Social media provides a vast array of tools, resources, and opportunities to grow your business, online presence, build brand recognition, and ultimately, drive sales.

Why Kayana Creative Digital Agency?

Kayana Creative has consistently served as one of Digital Marketing Agency since 2015. Kayana Creative is an integrated digital marketing and creative agency. Based in Bali and Jakarta, Kayana Creative has partnered with clients across Indonesia and Asia Pacific. Our clients came from companies, tourism, wellness, food, beverages, fashion, and more. Our notable clients are Two Fat Monks, The Alleyway Cafe, Braia Clinic, La Berceuse Resort and Villas, and Blackstone Yacht Club.

Why our Social Media Marketing?

Since 2015, social media marketing has been a key area of expertise for our company. Our social media marketing service provides a range of valuable benefits for businesses seeking to establish a strong online presence and achieve marketing goals. Our comprehensive approach to social media marketing includes developing a tailored marketing strategy, creating compelling designs, monitoring performance metrics, and providing detailed reporting to track results.

Don't let your online presence be an afterthought.

Our Social Media Marketing Service can help you create a strong online presence and attract more
customers to your restaurant or cafe.

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