Kayana Creative is one of the leading Social Media Advertising agencies in Bali and beyond – especially our innovative optimization approach to sales or ROI driven campaigns is very popular.

Our team consists in Social Media specialists, that in addition to permanent performance optimization, also take care of the creation of advertising material with continuous A/B testing (advertising media, formats, targeting, time of day, re-targeting, etc.).

Most companies lack qualified resources and the relevant technologies to maximize their use of Social Media platforms for promotional purposes. Even well-placed campaigns will lose their efficiency and effectiveness after only a few days and will require new, reviewed campaign intelligence, as well as new advertising media or, in extreme cases, a completely new set-up.

We proudly look after the Social Media Advertising Accounts of well-known companies like Two Fat Monks Bali, The Sun Heaven Ubud, La Berceuse Resort & Villa Nusa Dua, Argya Santi Resort Jimbaran, etc.


The importance of social media presence can no longer be ignored. A brand’s image in their customers eyes now are also defined by their social media (or lack thereof) and how much effort they exercise in it.

Success in social media is no easy task- response rates, numbers of followers, as well as engagements constantly haunts brands that wants to make sure they’re on top of their game. That and added with effective content management and dealing with their audience on time makes Social Media Management challenging for many brands.

Kayana Creative’s team of Social Media Managers helps brands such as Two Fat Monks Bali, The Sun Heaven Ubud, and La Berceuse Resort & Villa Nusa Dua plan ahead for their contents, respond to their audiences in a careful and timely manner, and grow followers both through organic and incentivized means.

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